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_Ǟ錍ҹṩohOʩԱoⲿhӰ푣ͬrⲿhṩijЩ̶ȵıoԷ@ȾKoߡcªğoȣ_Sɻӣ_^κεطԼȫ^ߵȃcThe ultra-clean bench is a facility that provides a sterile operating environment for laboratory work, to protect the experiment from the external environment, and at the same time to provide some degree of protection to the external environment to prevent pollution and protect the operator. Compared with the simple sterile cover, the ultra-clean table has the advantages of allowing the operator to move freely, easy access to any part of the operating area and high integrity.


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    The ultra-clean worktable should be illuminated by uv lamp for 30-40 minutes before use, and all kinds of open doors and Windows around the operation area should be checked when working. It is better to operate in the center of the operation area, which is a safer area in design. Before the operation should have a preliminary understanding of the material, at the same time understand their own use of equipment performance and safety level. Strictly follow laboratory safety procedures. The use of specific agents in any ultra-clean workbench must be evaluated for safety. If the test material will cause environmental pollution to the surrounding environment, it should be avoided to use in the model without exhaust filter plate, because the operation in the moving air is the same as the decontamination. Any advanced equipment cannot guarantee the success of the experiment. The use of the ultra-clean workbench in the animal quarantine laboratory is for the purpose of asepsis and avoiding cross contamination, so skilled operation and clear asepsis requirements are essential.

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